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Having grown up near New Haven, CT, I know what all denizens of that area know: that the best pizza in the world can be found at three small pizza places located within just a few blocks of one another: Sally’s Apizza, Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria Napoletana, and Modern Apizza. Gorman Be

Let’s start with some awesome trailers!  The one I’m most excited about is this terrific trailer for Dune Part Two.  (I loved Part One and can’t wait for the continuation!!) This latest trailer for The Flash looks great.  (Though it might show a bit too much &#821

The Afterparty is an eight-episode TV series for Apple TV, created by Christopher Miller.  (Mr. Miller, along with his frequent partner Phil Lord, directed the two 21 Jump Street movies, directed and wrote The Lego Movie, and produced Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.)  The Afterpa

In the third season of Jack Ryan, Jack (John Krasinski) and Greer (Wendell Pierce) are on the trail of a rogue group within Russia that are set on instigating war between Russia and the United States.  They’ve reactivated a secret Cold War program to create a dangerous weapon, and

Tom Hanks stars as the titular Otto in A Man Called Otto, a film adapted from the novel A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman.  Otto is a grumpy old man, who seems to have taken it upon himself to be the enforcer of all rules and regulations on his gated street.  He seems to […