Book Reviews

I haven’t been writing much about Star Trek novels on this site lately.  That’s because I haven’t been reading many!  I seem to have gotten somewhat soured on the whole enterprise (see what I did there?) after Paramount and Simon & Schuster put the kibbosh on t

Una McCormack’s Star Trek: Picard novel, Second Self, is set between the end of Picard season one and the start of season two.  Jean-Luc Picard becomes aware of trouble brewing on the planet Ordeve, so he sends Raffi Musiker and the young Romulan Elnor to help resolve the situa

James Swallow’s novel The Dark Veil tells a story of Captain William Riker and Deanna Troi on board the USS Titan, the starship that Riker took command of at the end of the final TNG movie, Nemesis.  There has been a wonderful series of Titan novels published over the past fift

The Brave and the Bold is a two-novel duology, written by Keith R.A. DeCandido, back in 2002.  Mr. DeCandido is one of my favorite authors of Star Trek novels (I’m sad that he no longer writes Trek books!!), and this story is an incredibly fun cross-over story that spans what at t

There is probably no single greater master of the TV sitcom that director James Burrows.  You’ve probably seen the “directed by James Burrows” credit at the start or end of many of the television comedies you’ve loved the most from the past half-century: Taxi, Cheers, Friends