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Did I… did I just actually watch a great Predator sequel??  I almost can’t believe it! Predator is one of several sci-fi franchises for which I have a lot of affection, but which has been floundering for decades with one less-than-successful sequel after another.  (I&#82

Decades after the events of the original Top Gun, Maverick is working as a test pilot and still brazenly disobeying orders he doesn’t agree with.  On the verge of being bounced out of the Navy, his old friend Iceman, now an Admiral, tasks Maverick with returning to Top Gun as a

I’m a huge fan of Guy Ritchie’s first two films: Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) and Snatch (2000).  Mr. Ritchie followed that up with Swept Away in 2o02, which remains the only film Mr. Ritchie has directed that I haven’t seen.  It was brutally panned

I enjoyed the first two Thor films, though in hindsight I think both count among the weaker of the MCU films.  Thor: Ragnarok, directed by Taika Waititi, was a glorious surprise and a thrilling reinvention of the Thor character.  It was epic and exciting and also deliriously funny a