There’s a great article in this week’s New York Times Magazine about the brilliant Paul Feig.  Check it out here. Mr. Feig is the creator of the phenomenal (and phenomenally mistreated) show Freaks and Geeks.  (As only 12 of 18 episodes were ever actually aired by NBC &#

There’s a new, longer trailer out for Frank Miller’s The Spirit, the movie-version of comics pioneer Will Eisner’s comic book.  And, well, I have no friggin’ idea what to make of this.  Looks like it’ll either be brilliant of completely unwatchable.  G

I love sci-fi.  Movies, TV shows, novels, comics, whatever.  If its sci-fi, I’m interested. I’m also a big fan of J.J. Abrams.  Not of everything he’s done, mind you.  (I certainly was never interested in Felicity, and despite sampling episodes during each of the