In Wanderlust, George (Paul Rudd) and Linda (Jennifer Aniston) find their New York lifestyle overturned when George’s firm goes under and Linda’s depressing documentary about penguins gets rejected by HBO.  With no jobs  and no way to afford their apartment (tiny though

I’ve gotta open with Alan Moore’s article about his feelings on the Guy Fawkes mask from V for Vendetta (his brilliant comic book series, published in 1982) is now being used by protesters of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.  The piece is a fascinating read (and i

I love watching the Oscars every year, though I am dismissive of them as an institution for judging great movies.  It’s rare that I agree much with the nominations, and even rarer that I agree with who wins.  Still, I love the spectacle of the show, and am always hoping for a