Brother's KeeperBrother’s Keeper Hebrew Edition Now Available!

Brother’s Keeper Hebrew Edition Now Available!

It’s been an exciting few months since the release of my latest comic book, Brother’s Keeper, written by Arnon Shorr!  Brother’s Keeper tells a true story of Arnon’s grandfather’s experiences in Israel’s 1948 War for Independence.

The print version of the book is available for order here, and an e-book is available on Amazon.  (It’s FREE for Kindle Unlimited readers!)

It’s been gratifying to see people enjoying and being moved by the story.  Here’s a great review from an Israeli blog.  They write: “Brother’s Keeper reads like a classic short story… I’m sure that my yeshiva high school students, during my teaching days, would have enjoyed the story… No doubt many would have shared their own family stories.”

Over the past few months, while we’ve been promoting the book, Arnon and I have also been hard at work creating a Hebrew e-book edition.

We’re thrilled that this Hebrew version is now available on Amazon and also on!!  We’re excited for our Israeli and Hebrew-speaking readers to get to enjoy this new version.

It wasn’t easy to create!  Arnon wrote an in-depth blog about the process — give it a read to peek behind the curtain of how we made this happen.

Here’s a taste:

When translating a comic book to a right-to-left language such as Hebrew, it becomes necessary to flip all of the pages so that the action and dialogue also flows right-to-left. This is important page-wide, and also within individual panels.

For much of “Brother’s Keeper”, flipping the pages was rather simple. One click in Photoshop, and the whole page was a mirror-image of itself. (Remember, we’re dealing with illustrated pages at the moment, not the captions or speech bubbles – those come next.)

There were some pages where this simply could not be done. These were pages that included panels with illustrated text. For example, the first page of the comic includes illustrations of postage stamps. Flipping that page would have caused the text of the postage stamps to appear backwards!

For these pages, a more complicated approach was necessary, wherein the ‘unflipable’ panels had to get rearranged. Panels on the right got moved left, and panels on the left were moved right. Some individual panels got flipped, while others maintained their original orientation. The goal remained: to preserve a clear and easy reading flow for a right-to-left language, while also preserving the original orientation of the panels that had illustrated text.

Once this was accomplished, it was time for the lettering…

Click here to read the rest of Arnon’s blog!

Please click here to order a copy of Brother’s Keeper! Thank you for your support!

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