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New Trailers!

The big news in trailer-land this week was the release of our first substantial look at DC/Warner Bros.’ big new Green Lantern film.  Check it out:

Not bad at all.  I am cautiously optimistic that this will be the big, cool sci-fi superhero epic we all want it to be.  You can watch the trailer in better resolution here.

I’m excited for Green Lantern, but in  a weird way it was, in my mind, topped by this trailer for the loony new fantasy comedy Your Highness:

Come on, doesn’t that look like fun?

Here’s another one that looks like a great time at the movies — Jon Favreau’s simply-titled Cowboys and Aliens:

That’s a much slower-paced trailer than is usual these days, and I think that makes it all the more effective.  And is it possible that, for the first time in two decades, Harrison Ford looks like he might be entertaining in a film again?  Do we dare to hope?

Can’t wait for these flicks!

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