NewsNews Around the Net!

News Around the Net!

Here’s a trailer for the Apple TV+ adaptation of Stephen King’s Lisey’s Story:

That looks creepy!  Stephen King adaptations can be hit or miss but I like the looks of this and it’s got a great cast.  (I need to find the time to read the original novel before watching this…)

I already own the Indiana Jones moves on DVD and in blu-ray… will I be able to resist a purchase of them in 4K?

That trailer really makes me smile.  (Though weirdly the trailer mentions “four unforgettable adventures”… I’m pretty certain there are only three canonical Indiana Jones movies, right?)

I like this tease for the upcoming Monsters, Inc. sequel series coming to Disney+, Monsters at Work:

I know at least one person for who HBO Max’s (delayed by pandemic) Friends reunion will be Must See TV!  Here’s the trailer:

When I was a kid the idea of a Snake Eyes movie would have blown my mind.  Now, sadly, I’m afraid I really couldn’t care less…

(Does anything better show a failure of imagination than the dumb “G.I. Joe Origins” subtitle?  Hey, it sure worked for X-Men Origins: Wolverine…!!)

Is this truly a real thing?  The band “Mouse Rat” (from Parks and Recreation) is actually releasing an album…?

Here’s the video for “5,000 Candles In The Wind (Bye Bye Li’l Sebastian)”:

This is exciting news: Bruce Timm (mastermind of Batman: The Animated Series, which in my opinion still stands as the best non comic book version of the Batman character ever made) (though Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight comes close…), Matt Reeves (director of the upcoming The Batman film) and J.J. Abrams are collaborating on a new animated Batman series for HBO Max called Batman: Caped Crusader.  Will this be anywhere near as good as Batman: The Animated Series…?  I dunno, but I can’t wait to find out…!

I was sad to read that Paul Mooney has passed away.  Mr. Mooney was a brilliant and trailblazing comedian, writer and performer.

I was also sad to read that Charles Grodin has passed away. I’ve loved Mr. Grodin in so many films, from Albert Brooks’ Real Life to Dave and so many more…

Joe Cornish and John Boyega are making a sequel to Attack the Block...??!!  Wowsers!!  I love Attack the Block — if you’ve never seen it, you should do so immediately!!  (Click here for my review.)  It’s a fantastic sci-fi comedy adventure.  (And it made John Boyega a star, pre-Star Wars.)  I hope this really happens…

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