NewsNews Around the Net!

News Around the Net!

For a huge sequel coming out in just a few months, we’ve seen surprisingly little promotion for The Matrix Resurrections… but here now at last is a trailer:

Color me intrigued!  I quite like the first Matrix film (though perhaps I didn’t love it as much as as most of the rest of the world seemed to, back when it was released), and I was disappointed by the two sequels (though I didn’t loathe them as much as much of the rest of the world seemed to, back when they were released).  It’s difficult to mount a successful sequel so many years later — many have tried and failed — but I’m certainly interested to see whether this sequel/reboot will be any good…

Here’s the first substantial trailer for Amazon Prime’s adaptation of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series:

I’ve never read the books, though I’ve long thought I should give them a try.  So I have no connection to the source material, but I’m intrigued by the trailer and I’ll probably give this series a watch…\

I love this first trailer for the next Disney+ Marvel TV show, Hawkeye:

That looks so fun!  I’m all in on these Marvel Disney+ shows.  I can’t wait for Hawkeye.

Speaking of Marvel, I somehow missed this new trailer for The Eternals that was released a couple of weeks ago:

I’m so intrigued that Marvel has chosen to adapt this very obscure title as their next big thing.  The cast is fantastic, and there are some gorgeous visuals in that trailer.  (And we finally get to see a true Jack Kirby style Celestial!!!  Amazing!!)  I can’t wait.

I didn’t know Robot Chicken was still in production, so I was delighted to see this trailer for their upcoming eleventh (!!) season:

I’m intrigued by this trailer for Among the Stars, a documentary series coming next month to Disney+…

I’m a nut for stuff regarding NASA and the space program, so I’m definitely interested in checking that out.

Last week was the 55th anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek.  Wowsers.  Paramount used that “Star Trek Day” to promote many of the currently in-production Star Trek shows.  Here’s a trailer for season two of Picard:

Here’s a look at the in-production first season of the Original Series era show, Strange New Worlds:

And here’s the first full trailer for the animated Star Trek: Prodigy:

Oh how I wish I could be excited about all of this new Star Trek product.  The wild thing is that Paramount is doing what I’ve for decades been wanting to see happen with the Trek franchise: instead of being locked into one single show in one single era, creating multiple shows exploring the vast breadth of the Star Trek universe.  I should be over the moon that we’re getting an Original Series era show, AND a show pushing forward the future of the 24th-century-set shows (TNG, DS9, Voyager), AND two very different animated shows…  But the fact is that, with the exception of the very funny Star Trek: Lower Decks, which has grown on me (I’m really enjoying season two, which is currently being released; click here for my review of season one), every season of every other one of these new shows has been bad.  So I don’t have much hope for any of these new shows.  Prodigy is clearly a kids show and the “pew pew” attempts at humor didn’t make me smile.  Strange New Worlds doesn’t seem to be making any more of an effort to fit into the visual look of the Original Series than Discovery did, which right from the get-go makes me frustrated with the show.  And I just rolled my eyes at the trailer for Picard season two.  Yet another time travel story??  How many times has Star Trek gone back to that well?  Instead of actually exploring the state of the Federation in the 24th century, following the crises depicted in Picard season one… the show is just bringing its characters back to present day?  Oy.

But wait!  There is one piece of Star Trek news that made me happy!!  This super-brief but very cool look at the upcoming 4k HD restoration of the Director’s Edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture!!

I am so happy that an HD version of the Director’s Edition of TMP — by far the only version of this film I ever want to watch — is finally being made.  I can’t wait to see it.  (Click here for more info.)

In other news…

Absolutely dreadful news recently of the passing of Norm Macdonald, at the too-young age of 61.  Mr. Macdonald was a true comic genius.  This is hard to believe.

Also terrible: the recent passing of tremendous actor Michael K. Williams.  He was only 54 years old.  Mr. Williams will forever be remembered for his performance on Omar on The Wire.  Such a sad loss.

Is George Miller’s Furiosa film ever going to actually happen?  We’ve been hearing about this Fury Road prequel film for years, and recently there were a bunch of casting announcements.  But now comes word the film’s release has been pushed all the way to 2024.  Yowza.

I am super-duper pumped to see Denis Villeneuve’s Dune when it opens next month.  I really hope the film is a hit and that Mr. Villeneuve is able to make a sequel, seeing as this film only adapts the first half of Frank Herbert’s novel.  (I think the decision to split the novel into two films was super-smart.  I question the decision not to film both parts at the same time so as to ensure the second film actually gets made.)  It makes me crazy happy to read that Mr. Villeneuve also has his sights set on creating a Dune film trilogy by adapting Frank Hubert’s second Dune novel, Dune Messiah, into a third Dune film.  Please lord let that happen…!!!

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