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News Around the Net

First up, a big thank-you to everyone who has backed the kickstarter for the Jewish Comix Anthology!  This 250-page hardcover will feature the work of 47 Jewish artists, including Art Spiegelman, Harvey Pekar, Robert Crumb, Will Eisner, Joe Kubert… and me!  There’s only a week left to back the project, so please click here to get in on this!  There are some great backer rewards, including a just-added opportunity to own some original Motion Pictures cartoons by yours truly!  That’s right!  Would you like to own the original version of one of these three cartoons…?




Click here to view the kickstarter and purchase those cartoons!  Thanks everyone!

OK, moving on… I have watched this trailer a LOT.  I have an excited feeling that this movie is going to take the world by storm.  (I hope so!!)


Oh man I can’t wait for this:

And this!  (It’s always apey-est just before the dawn…)

As if that Guardians of the Galaxy trailer I posted above wasn’t cool enough, they’ve also just released a new poster with a phenomenal tag-line.

Speaking of super-hero film news, Fox made some headlines recently with the announcement of the cast of their new Fantastic Four film.  I for one am crossing my fingers.  I have always loved the FF and nothing would make me happier than an amazing Fantastic Four movie.  But the casting seems to be rather off the mark.  I don’t mind Johnny Storm being black.  Michael B. Jordan is an awesome actor, I am happy he is in the movie.  And he seems like the only one of these four actors who feels like the right “fit” for his character — in this case the young, brash, fun-loving Johnny.  I am more worked up by skinny Jamie Bell being cast as Ben Grimm!!  And I like Miles Teller, he was phenomenal in The Spectacular Now (click here for my review), but he is WAY too young for Reed Richards.  In fact, ALL of these actors are too young, the FF should all be 30-somethings not 20-somethings.  I hope they have something good up their sleeves, but this casting doesn’t seem to indicate they plan on being too faithful to the comic book characters.  (At least, not the original FF.  Marvel comics’ “Ultimate” universe, created a decade-or-so ago, featured a teenaged FF.  But while there have been some great Ultimate universe stories, I was never that taken by that interpretation of the FF.)  And in a world where Marvel Studios exists, where they have been making amazing Marvel movies that are VERY faithful to the comics, I have little patience for another bad Fox-made FF movie.  Well, hope springs eternal!

This is a fun list of twelve Monty Python side projects, ranked from worst to best.

I am fascinated by this list of real moments from Sesame Street episodes from the early days of the show (my youth!) that would not be considered acceptable for today’s kids.  After you read that list, check out this article from New York Magazine about the gentrification of Sesame Street.  Fascinating stuff.

This article made me laugh: Generation X is sick of your bullshit.

Any Futurama fans out there who, like me, are bummed by the show’s third cancellation — check out this great Q & A with co-creator and show-runner David X. Cohen.

While I am linking you to awesome Reddits, check out this fantastic, fascinating Q & A with Jerry Seinfeld!

And speaking of Mr. Seinfeld, how great has this latest batch of episodes of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee been??  So great!!  I particularly enjoyed the one with Louis C.K., but they have all been fantastic.

This is a great short article on Isaac Asimov’s predictions for 2014 from 50 years ago that are eerily accurate.  I love Isaac Asimov.

Any Parks and Rec fans in the house?  Click on this link and scroll all the way to the bottom to find a phenomenal deleted scene from one of last month’s episodes: Andy at the kids’ birthday party singing a three-minute song about Jean Claude Van Damme’s Sudden Death.  It is phenomenal.  You will be singing the chorus to yourself all day.

This made me smile:

My daughters are obsessed with the soundtrack for Frozen so we’ve been hearing the real version of that song a LOT in our household lately.

I’ll leave you with this: an hour-long Charlie Rose interview with Bill Murray that is absolutely phenomenal.  Say good-bye to the next hour of your life, but you won’t regret it.