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Don’t tease me, universe!  I desperately want this news of a possible resurrection of The X-Files to be true!!

The X-Files

I am thrilled to have three cartoons from Motion Pictures included in JOMIX — Jewish Comics; Art & Derivation, an exhibition currently open in New York City.  Click here for more details!  I was also delighted to get such a nice mention in this review of The Jewish Comix Anthology The Anthology is still available for purchase at amazon!

This is an older article, but Rolling Stone’s The Last Days of 30 Rock is a magnificently in-depth look at the life and end of Tina Fey’s wonderful sitcom.

Keeping us on a similar topic, I loved this A.V. Club look back at Newsradio, listing their ten favorite episodes of that late great series.

I love listening to comic book author Brian Michael Bendis talk, usually on the wonderful wordballoon podcast.  His recent appearance on the Nerdist podcast is hugely entertaining.

After losing Leonard Nimoy last month, we also lost the great, woefully under-appreciated Harve Bennett.  Mr. Bennett was critically involved in the “trilogy” of Trek films: Star Trek II, III, and IV.  Most importantly, without Mr. Bennett’s involvement, Star Trek II might never have happened after Star Trek: The Motion Picture underwhelmed.  Mr. Bennett and writer/director Nicholas Meyer are the men who saved Star Trek.  Harve Bennett is responsible for what, to me, is the greatest iteration of Trek, those three films.  Star Trek would not be the franchise that it is today without Harve Bennett.  Rest in peace.  (You can learn a lot more about Harve Bennett by reading this wonderful eulogy on badassdigest.com.)

We also recently lost Sam Simon, who was one of the key creative voices in the early (and best) seasons of The Simpsons.

On a more upbeat note, watch this:


I am super-duper excited for Captain America: Civil War.  The idea of adapting that great comic book story-line for the Marvel cinematic universe is genius.  They should probably be calling it The Avengers 3 rather than Cap 3, but whatever.  Looking further down the road, I am thrilled that it looks like The Russo Brothers, after directing The Winter Soldier and then Civil War, will be directing the two-part Avengers: Infinity War films.  It’s been clear for a long while that Joss Whedon would be stepping aside after Avengers: Age of Ultron, and if it wasn’t going to be Mr. Whedon, I am delighted that the Russo Brothers are taking the lead in guiding Marvel’s Avengers franchise.  These next few years of Marvel movies are going to be amazing.

Kevin Smith is making Mallrats 2…?  Okay…  (More details here.)  I still love Kevin Smith, but it’s been quite a while since I have truly loved one of his movies.  (That’d be the cartoon-like but absolutely hilarious Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back from back in 2001.)  I’d love for that to change one of these days…

OK, I am as surprised as you are at how excited I am by the idea of a fifth Mission: Impossible movie!

Is Paula Patton not in this film, though?  If she’s in the trailer i didn’t see her.  She was terrific in Ghost Protocol so I’d be bummed if she was left out of this flick.

Sir Ian McKellan as Sherlock Holmes?  Sign me up:

Is there any chance this is going to be any good?

Maybe go watch the brilliant Futurama episode “Anthology of Interest II” instead…

The Game of Thrones show-runners have recently confirmed what fans had suspected for a while: that the show will likely conclude before George R. R. Martin finishes the books, and that in so doing the show might wind up spoiling certain plot twists from the books.  Wow.  Meanwhile, I am becoming increasingly desperate for the show’s fifth season to begin.  I cannot wait!!!

I’ll leave you with this:

I am ready…!