Air tells the story of the team at Nike who, in 1984, were involved in the creation of the wildly popular Air Jordan sneakers.  At the time, Nike was a minor player in the basketball shoe market, lagging far behind Converse and Adidas.  But Nike’s talent scout Sonny Vaccaro be

The Brave and the Bold is a two-novel duology, written by Keith R.A. DeCandido, back in 2002.  Mr. DeCandido is one of my favorite authors of Star Trek novels (I’m sad that he no longer writes Trek books!!), and this story is an incredibly fun cross-over story that spans what at t

The Bear is a TV show created by Christopher Storer, who also wrote four of the first season’s eight episodes, and directed five of them.  The show focuses on Carmy, a talented young chef who leaves his position at a prestigious New York City restaurant to return home to run th

Let’s start with this terrific trailer for The Marvels: I love the idea that this film will feature not just Captain Marvel, but also Ms. Marvel (coming off of the terrific Disney+ Ms. Marvel show) and also Monica Rambeau (who has been Captain Marvel in the comics, and who we go