I made a comment in my 1st blog entry for the site (on April 15th) about our being in the midst of a movie dead-zone currently. Has anyone else noticed this? There are a lot of exciting summer movies just over the horizon (things kick off with Iron Man in just two weeks)…but its

I’m a bit of a TV nut.  So, like so many of you, I had to go through a bit of an adjustment this winter without any new installments of Lost, The Office, and all my other TV pals. How did I survive?  DVDs, my friends.  God bless ‘em. Here’s just a sampling of the […]

Hi there!   Welcome to Motion Pictures! What is Motion Pictures all about?   A boy and his robot mysteriously gain the power to jump in and out of movies.   Hilarity ensues. Motion Pictures has been kicking around my brain since 1999-2000.   It started as a daily comic strip idea