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In the new animated DC universe movie, Catwoman: Hunted, Selina Kyle steals a priceless gem from the criminal organization called Leviathan.  As Leviathan tries to hunt Catwoman down to take revenge, Selina winds up teaming up with Batwoman, Julia Pennyworth, and King Faraday, who ar

In The Batman, writer/director Matt Reeves (Cloverfield, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) brings us a new cinematic version of Batman.  In this new version, Bruce Wayne has only been operating as Batman for about two years, but he’s already feeling that he’s getting nowher

Peacemaker was one of the most enjoyable surprises to come down the road in quite some time!  I was not expecting to fall as head-over-heels in love with this show as I did!  Writer/director James Gunn has crafted a beautiful and ferociously entertaining show.  It’s absolutel

Five years after the first disappointing Suicide Squad film from DC/Warner Brothers comes another attempt at the property, the similarly-titled The Suicide Squad, written and directed by James Gunn.  It’s sort of crazy to me that DC/Warner Brothers can’t or won’t ma

Wonder Woman 1984 picks up the story of Diana/Wonder Woman many decades after her first film (which was set in 1918).  Diana is living a solitary, lonely life, helping people when she can while keeping her existence as a superhuman among mortals a secret.  Joy returns to her world w