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In the new Pixar film Turning Red, we meet Meilin Lee, a 13 year old Chinese-Canadian girl, living in Toronto in 2002.  Mei is extremely close with her mother and has a tight group of friends at school.  She’s an overachiever, and she works hard to make her family — espe

In Encanto, we meet Mirabel Madrigal, who belongs to a multi-generational Colombian family.  Every member of her family has been blessed with a special magical ability… except her.  When circumstances force Mirabel to question the true nature and purpose of the magic that has

Menaced by the Druun (seemingly unstoppable evil entities that turn people to stone), the once-prosperous, peaceful nation of Kumandra has fractured into five bitterly divided, isolated tribes: Fang, Heart, Spine, Talon, and Tail.  What little hope still existed could be found in t

Pixar’s latest masterpiece is Soul, which was released to Disney+ late last month.  In the film, Jamie Foxx plays Joe Gardner, a middle-aged African American man who teaches music to kids in New York City.  Joe lives and breathes music, and dreams of becoming a successful jazz

I loved every minute of this six-part Disney+ documentary series, exploring the history of Disney’s theme-parks and their rides.  The series was directed by Leslie Iwerks, who is the daughter of Disney Imagineer Don Iwerks and the granddaughter of Ub Iwerks, who co-created Mickey

Right after my last News Around the Net post, about a month ago, this trailer dropped: In this day and age I am rarely shocked by a movie trailer, but I was not at all expecting to discover that Jason Reitman will be making a Ghostbusters sequel!  Jason Reitman is, of course, the son