Hello, readers and supporters of this site! I’m excited to share that my “Maclunkey” Star Wars/Highlander mash-up t-shirt is again available on Woot! This is, of course, a joke based on George Lucas’ increasingly-bizarre tweaks to the Han-Greedo scene in Star

Natasha Lyonne stars in Poker Face as Charlie, a young woman with the unerring ability to tell when someone is lying. On the run from a powerful casino owner with a grudge, she tries to disappear into America.  But she winds up getting herself continually involved in a variety of dan

I enjoyed the first season of Schmigadoon! I didn’t need any more, but this trailer for the upcoming second season made me smile: This looks like fun: it’s a documentary called A Disturbance in the Force, about the infamous 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special: I’m excited

There is probably no single greater master of the TV sitcom that director James Burrows.  You’ve probably seen the “directed by James Burrows” credit at the start or end of many of the television comedies you’ve loved the most from the past half-century: Taxi, Cheers, Friends

Fleishman is in Trouble is a wonderful adaptation of Taffy Brodesser-Akner’s novel of the same name.  Toby Fleishman is recently divorced and adjusting to this new reality.  Then one day his ex-wife, Rachel, drops their two daughters off at his apartment… and vanishes.  She

Christopher L. Bennett’s Star Trek novel Living Memory is set in the era between Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.  Admiral Kirk is serving as the commandant of Starfleet Academy, and he is attempting to oversee the incorporation of a group of a

In Search of Tomorrow is a crowd-funded documentary that takes an in-depth look at the sci-fi movies of the eighties.  (I backed this project on Indiegogo back in 2021.) From the huge blockbusters to the low-budget camp-fests, this lengthy film takes a deep dive into the many wonderf