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The latest DC Universe animated direct-to-DVD/blu-ray film has arrived: Superman: Unbound.  Like many of these DCU animated DVDs have been, this new film is an adaptation of a great story from the comics — in this case, Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, and Jon Sibal’s reinvention

A little over a year-ago, DC Comics re-launched their entire universe.  Abandoning all of their previous continuity, they re-started all of their characters and re-started every one of their comic book titles with a new issue #1.  In that first month-or-two of this new DC universe,

And so I arrive at Geoff Johns’ final Green Lantern stories before DSC’s big “New 52” relaunch!  My previous reviews of Mr. Johns’ Green Lantern stories can be found by following these links:  Green Lantern: Rebirth, The Sinestro Corps War, Secret Origi

My read-through of Geoff Johns’ run on Green Lantern continues!  Click here to read my comments on Mr. Johns’ re-launch of the Green Lantern universe with Green Lantern: Rebirth, here for my thoughts on the epic Sinestro Corps Saga, and here for my thoughts on Secret Orig