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Oscar Isaac stars in Marvel’s latest excellent Disney+ series, Moon Knight.  Mr. Isaac plays Steven Grant, a shy, nebbishy fellow who works in the gift shop of the British Museum in London.  Mr. Grant is afflicted by a weird problem in which he seems to lose time and wake up i

These Marvel Disney+ shows seem to keep getting better and better!  I thought Loki was my favorite one yet, but then here comes Hawkeye which I might have liked even more! Hawkeye was a terrific piece of entertainment.  The show delivered everything I wanted.  It was a great spotli

The latest MCU film, The Eternals, brings Jack Kirby’s cosmic creations to the big screen for the first time.  The film introduces audiences to the Eternals, a group of immortals who have been living on Earth for around seven thousand years.  They were planted on Earth by giga

Loki picks up the thread of the alternate Loki who, in Avengers: Endgame, picks up the Tesseract and escapes after our heroes bungle their “time heist.”  This “Variant” Loki quickly finds himself apprehended by the TVA — the Time Variance Authority &#821

The Marvel Cinematic Universe movies have finally returned, after their longest hiatus since the earliest days of the MCU, with Black Widow!  I have not yet ventured back into a movie theater, but I was delighted to be able to watch Black Widow on Disney+.  Marvel’s Phase 4 wa

Marvel Studios has kicked off what looks like a vast array of Disney+ shows with the nine-episode WandaVision, and I couldn’t be happier.  This series was a delight; it was everything I wanted it to be.  It shined a well-deserved spotlight on two characters from the Marvel Cin