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In Vivo, the new Netflix animated film, Lin-Manuel Miranda voices the titular Vivo, a singing kinkajou who lives in Havana, Cuba, and performs on the street with his friend, the musician Andrés Hernández.  One day,Andrés receives a letter from Marta, the love of his life who wen

I first became a fan of Ben Affleck from his work in Kevin Smith’s early nineties films, and in particular his so-funny, good-natured participation in the DVD commentary tracks for Mallrats and Chasing Amy (which are, seriously, among the greatest commentary tracks ever recorded

I had a feeling this one was gonna be good.  I’m glad I was right. With Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel Studios has blown the doors off of their cinematic universe in a big, big way.  This is a huge movie, filled with crazy alien planets and creatures and hugely original chara

An indeterminate number of years in the future, mankind has ravaged the Earth and is forced to turn to alternative sources of energy.  By far the best is the ore nicknamed “unobtanium” (talk about a macguffin) that has been discovered on the alien world called Pandora.