Written PostThe Empire Strikes Back: Revisited

The Empire Strikes Back: Revisited

It didn’t arrive in 2010, but I’m very much hoping that 2011 will bring us Adywan’s version of The Empire Strikes Back.  (Click here to read me waxing poetic about his magnificent Star Wars: Revisited.)  Here’s a peek:

Did you notice the new approach to Cloud City?  The way he has replaced the Emperor’s hologram with the way his face appears in Return of the Jedi (far more elegantly than the hatchet job done on this scene in the 2004 DVD)?  The far more action-packed escape from Hoth?  The inclusion of additional snow-speeders?  The laser burns when Stormtroopers get shot?  How robotic bounty-hunter IG-88 finally moves?  The way we no longer see the rebel’s laser cannon on Hoth blown up in the scene where the rebels all line up with their weapons, several minutes before the cannon is actually blown up?  How we now see other ships fleeing Cloud City, along with the Millennium Falcon, after Lando gives the order to evacuate?

(For the curious, here’s a lengthy list of the enhancements/changes/corrections that Adywan is planning for his version of Empire.)


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