Star Trek: Titan has been a continuing series of novels, for the past several years, chronicling the continuing adventures of Captain William T. Riker, following the events of the final Next Gen movie, Nemesis, and Riker’s finally accepting a captaincy of his own.  I have very

First of all, let me put your mind at ease.  I know you were all worried, but even though Machete Kills represents a dramatic expansion of the Machete mythos, I promise that you will be able to understand all of the film’s complexities even if you haven’t seen the first f

I had seen and enjoyed director Alfonso Cuaron’s 2001 film Y Tu Mama Tambien and 2004’s Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, but it was 2006’s extraordinary Children of Men that made me a fan of Mr. Cuaron’s for life.  Like so many, I have been eagerly a