Written PostCamp Ramah Gets Lost!

Camp Ramah Gets Lost!

It’s become a bit of a tradition that, each summer at Camp Ramah in New England, we kick off our Staff Week at the beginning of each summer with a silly video that introduces our first program (which usually involves some sort of elaborate competition between the counselors of each division).  We’ve taken to doing parodies of movies or TV shows.  This year was our most elaborate video yet — a parody of Lost that was created by Ethan Linden, Davey Rosen and myself.

There are a few Ramah “in-jokes” to be found within (such as a reference to Yehuda Gubani and camp’s new eruv), but I still think y’all might get a kick out of this:

I’m particularly proud that we were able to get Lost’s signature eyeball shot in there!!

At the end of our Staff Week program, we showed this 45-second epilogue.  This is for the true Lost fans out there!

Heh heh heh.  Pretty proud of that joke.  Have a great weekend, everyone!

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