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Let’s begin today with an Arrested Development style two-minute summary of the original Star Wars THAT I CANNOT STOP WATCHING: That is genius!  (My favorite part?  Has to be the callback to the Arrested Development Pete Rose joke!!) Remember back when Netflix wasn’t re

Some momentum on two exciting Stephen King fronts!  There’s been a little bit of movement on the planned adaptation of The Dark Tower.  I’m not holding out too much hope, but I’d love to see it.  Meanwhile, looks like another Stephen King adaptation might take the

The great Dick Cavett has a phenomenal piece up at on all of the recent Tonight Show silliness.  This is definitely worth a read. Also worth your time: the moving words of tribute posted at AICN in remembrance of the great Roger Ebert. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these Arrested Deve

At last!  Our first glimpse at footage from Game of Thrones season three! This is a very funny article: Six Horrible Aftermaths Implied by Movies with Happy Endings. Here is a terrific, in-depth interview with the show-runner of the phenomenal Parks and Re

Sad news that actor Robert F. Chew, who played Proposition Joe on The Wire, has passed away.  Close your eyes, Joe. In another piece of sad news, writer Peter David recently suffered a stroke.  Mr. David is a prolific author of novels and comic books, and I have been loving his work