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This is a great trailer for Seinfeld’s move to Netflix: I’m excited to see this first trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s new movie, Nightmare Alley: That looks gorgeous — and what a cast! I can’t wait to see it. Here’s a trailer for Stranger Things 4:

I’m intrigued by this trailer for Ad Astra: I love sci-fi, and I’m always up for an original sci-fi story.  This looks like it’s got a great cast, and visually the trailer is impressive. Here’s another trailer that has me intrigued: an adaptation of Doctor Sle

Let’s begin today with these fantastic clips from The Simpsons Live, the recent Simpsons musical extravaganza at The Hollywood Bowl featuring Conan O’Brien, Jon Lovitz, Hank Azaria, and others.  These clips are amazing. Prepare to lose several hours from your day perusing

Ok, I thought the first Guardians of the Galaxy trailer was awesome, but this new one is even better.  I cannot wait for this!! “The only good human…!!”  I can’t wait for July 11th!! I’m also really loving this peek at Christopher Nolan’s Interste