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In Vivo, the new Netflix animated film, Lin-Manuel Miranda voices the titular Vivo, a singing kinkajou who lives in Havana, Cuba, and performs on the street with his friend, the musician Andrés Hernández.  One day,Andrés receives a letter from Marta, the love of his life who wen

The latest MCU film, The Eternals, brings Jack Kirby’s cosmic creations to the big screen for the first time.  The film introduces audiences to the Eternals, a group of immortals who have been living on Earth for around seven thousand years.  They were planted on Earth by giga

Well, I have to admit to at least being somewhat impressed that the folks at Legendary powered through and made their monster-movie crossover, despite the somewhat lackluster box office performance of the previous movies in the series.  For myself, I thought Gareth Edwards’ 201

Joker, directed by Todd Phillips and written by Mr. Phillips and Scott Silver, tells the origin of the famous Batman villain, the Joker.  However, this take on the Joker is almost entirely divorced from the Batman comic mythos, and it is also completely separate from all of the rece