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The Avengers has raised the bar VERY HIGH for this summer’s movies!  Here are some of the films I’m looking forward to this summer: The Dark Knight Rises — Duh.  Christopher Nolan finishes his Batman trilogy and my expectations are sky-high.  I’m curious jus

With Oscar-season upon us, and the end of the year approaching with blinding speed, I find that there are a TON of movies out or coming out in the near future that I really want to see: Hugo: Martin Scorsese has directed a 3-D family fantasy adventure?  I am really hoping that this w

Whoof, that might have been the worst summer of movies that I can remember.  Will the fall be any better?  After taking a look through Entertainment Weekly‘s Fall Movie Preview, I actually have high hopes!  Here’s what interests me: Machete — Somehow Robert Rodrig

Last month, Entertainment Weekly published their usual guide to all the upcoming films being released from September through December.  This is the time of year when the Oscar-bait films come out to play, which generally leads to some terrific — and some terrible — offeri

I’ve been perusing my copy of Entertainment Weekly‘s “Fall Movie Preview,” and there are some really interesting flicks coming our way in the next few months.  Here are some of the films I’m looking forward to: Burn After Reading — It’s the n

I love DVDs.   Love ’em.   I love the great resolution and the surround sound.   I love watching all the behind-the-scenes special features and listening to the commentaries (which I often play while drawing Motion Pictures, among other projects).   I love getting to enjoy g

On April 29th I wrote about my anticipation for all of this summer’s big-budget movies. But a quick perusal of last weeks’ Entertainment Weekly summer movie preview contained info on a number of smaller movies coming out this summer that sound like they’re also worth