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As Guillermo del Toro’s film Nightmare Alley opens, we see images of a man apparently hiding a corpse underneath the floorboards and then burning down the isolated house as he walks away.  It’s 1939, and that man, Stan (played by Bradley Cooper) winds up finding work in a

I missed Drive when it was released in 2011, but I was intrigued by everything I read about it and it’s a film that I’ve been hoping for some time to catch up to. Ryan Gosling plays the enigmatic driver at the center of the film.  (His character is never named in the movi

I really enjoyed the two Hellboy movies directed by Guillermo del Toro, and the exquisite Pan’s Labyrinth made me a fan of his for life.  Last year I tracked down his 2001 Spanish-language horror film The Devil’s Backbone, which I really enjoyed (you can read my review he

I always like my super-hero/fantasy flicks to have a touch of melancholy. (Probably why I enjoy Superman Returns so much, as I’ve written about previously on this site.) One of the things I really appreciated about the Lord of the Rings movies, and the original books, was that t

I love comic books. And that means that I grew up with a great love of super-hero stories. These days its true that many of my favorite comic books have little to do with super-heroes (looking through my “to-read” pile I see titles like David Lapham’s Young Liars, St