I’m an optimist, and someday I hope to see a new, truly great Star Trek movie in the theatres.  Someday, I hope to see a new, truly great Alien movie in the theatres.  And someday, I hope to see a new, truly great Predator movie in the theatres. This sure as heck ain’t i

At last!  The first trailer for Marvel’s upcoming Captain Marvel is here — and, no surprise, it looks great: There’s a lot to enjoy and unpack there.  Brie Larson seems great for the role, and I’m glad that Samuel Jackson’s Nick Fury looks to be a major

I loved Dayton Ward’s 2013 Star Trek novel From History’s Shadow.  That novel took several characters and references from across the many different Star Trek series to aliens having been on Earth in the years between 1947 and 1968 and wove them together into a wonderful s

Below are two pages from Escape to Siberia, written by Leora Ragones.  This graphic novel will retell the amazing true story of Leora’s grandparents’ experiences fleeing from Poland into Russia during World War II.  These pages come from our initial 13-page proposal to

Season one of Brockmire was one of my favorite television discoveries from last year, so I was super-excited for season two!  I loved these eight new episodes, and I continue to highly recommend this show! Brockmire stars Hank Azaria as disgraced former major league announcer Jim Bro