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In The Tomorrow War, Chris Pratt stars as Dan Forester.  Dan is a former soldier who is now a high school science teacher, but he dreams of something more for his life.  His wish turns into a nightmare when soldiers from the year 2051 arrive via time-travel in the middle of a World

Invincible is a new Amazon animated series, adapting the comic book series written by Robert Kirkman and illustrated by Cory Walker & Ryan Ottley.  The series focuses on Mark Grayson, whose father Nolan is the Superman-like super-hero called Omni-Man.  When Mark turns 17, he d

Warner Brothers and DC’s new film, Justice League, is a milestone in their efforts to chase after the achievements of Marvel’s cinematic universe.  But whereas Marvel’s last decade-worth of films has seen a remarkably cohesive, gradual unfolding and expansion of a u

In my review of Jurassic World, I commented that the problem with all of the disappointing sequels to the great Jurassic Park is that they’ve basically been the exact same movie retold over and over again.  The Terminator has also had disappointing sequel after disappointing se

Director Jason Reitman continues his winning streak with his third film (after Thank You For Smoking and Juno), Up in the Air. George Clooney (continuing to prove that he is a far better actor than you might think a fellow with his movie-star good looks and fame would need to be) play

So let’s get this out of the way:  Office Space is one of the greatest films ever made.  Just a phenomenal movie.  Writer/Director Mike Judge’s second film, Idiocracy, was much, much weaker (although not so horrible that it deserved the way it was basically dumped direc