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It’s a very rare thing when a TV series is able to end at a time and place of its creators’ choosing.  There are many things that are problematic with today’s TV landscape, but I must say the recent trend of more TV series having this sort of opportunity is extremel

This is fantastic: Tom Hiddleston (who played Loki in both Thor movies and The Avengers) doing a phneomenal impression of Owen Wilson, had Owen been cast as Loki.  Check this out. West Wing fans!  Did you see this clip of Allison Janney performing The Jackal on The Arsenio Hall Show

Mad Men took a little while to grow on me.  Right from the beginning I recognized it as an extremely intelligent, well-made show.  But while I respected the audacity of crafting a show around a group of pretty much entirely unlikable, despicable characters, I found that kept me at a