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The COVID-caused drought in new MCU movies is going to end soon!  I can’t wait to see Black Widow, and I’m intrigued by this first look at The Eternals: And in cause for additional rejoicing, a new Edgar Wright film is on its way to us.  I love this bizarre and beautiful

I loved the first look at WandaVision that played during the Emmys.  I’m excited for the Marvel shows on Disney+ to start rolling out…! Here’s a trailer for the sequel to Kenneth Branagh’s Murder on the Orient Express, called Death on the Nile: I liked the fir

Last week I went down a rabbit hole of watching fan-edited “modern trailers” for classic films.  Check out this terrific trailer for The Empire Strikes Back: I also absolutely love this trailer for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan: I’m a huge fan of the Paley Center

This is a great article revisiting Stephen King’s final three Dark Tower novels.  I absolutely adore these books, and I am not at all in the camp of Dark Tower fans unsatisfied with the ending of Mr. King’s magnum opus.  I spent quite a while reading and writing about th

Bill Watterson drew the poster for an international cartoonists’ festival, and it is awesome. I’ve been really enjoying Kumail Nanjiani’s podcast The X-Files Files.  In each episode, Mr. Nanjiani and a guest host analyze two episodes of The X-Files, working their wa

This is fantastic: Tom Hiddleston (who played Loki in both Thor movies and The Avengers) doing a phneomenal impression of Owen Wilson, had Owen been cast as Loki.  Check this out. West Wing fans!  Did you see this clip of Allison Janney performing The Jackal on The Arsenio Hall Show

At last!  Our first glimpse at footage from Game of Thrones season three! This is a very funny article: Six Horrible Aftermaths Implied by Movies with Happy Endings. Here is a terrific, in-depth interview with the show-runner of the phenomenal Parks and Re