Please enjoy this Star Wars/Highlander mash-up!  This is, of course, a joke based on the latest bizarre tweak to the Han-Greedo scene in Star Wars.  (In the 1997 Special Edition, George Lucas changed this scene so that Greedo shot first and somehow missed Han Solo at point blank ran

Published in 2013, Stephen King’s novel Doctor Sleep is his long-awaited sequel to The Shining (which was originally published in 1977).  The book depicts what happened to young Danny Torrance after escaping, with his mother, the horrific events at the Overlook Hotel.  After recen

Recently, as part of my preparation for the new Joker film, I re-watched Martin Scorsese’s 1983 film The King of Comedy.  In the film, Robert De Niro stars as Rupert Pupkin, a wannabee comedian who becomes obsessed with the famous late-night talk-show host Jerry Langford (Jerry

Well, obviously the biggest new trailer to drop recently is this look at The Rise of Skywalker: That trailer is crazy huge.  There is a lot of extraordinary imagery in there.  Will the movie be any good?  Who knows!  A great trailer for a Star Wars film doesn’t necessarily m